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When we are designing how to design the modern living room, we'll remain bound by the notions of sharing and openness however, there will be some fundamental shifts.

In fact, as the pandemic has changed the way we live in our home environments, it's ever more crucial to find areas of privacy within our homes where we can work, study or perform the things that used to be outdoors for example, working out.

In the wake of the year before 2022 is in the middle of these two demands in one way fluid and interacting environments as well as on the other need to develop micro-divisions that can multiply the space and adjust to the changing needs.

Let's look at the latest trends in living room 2022's interior design that will be focusing on contemporary living spaces and design by Living Luxury Homewares

Living room layouts 2022 trends in a modern ambience

In today's increasingly crowded society living quarters, living areas and other spaces for living are also required to be able to adapt to the main concepts of the modern day that include flexibility and multifunctionality.

(Multi)functionality, in particular, is inherent in contemporary-style living rooms, in which everything is designed and created with the intention of making rooms practical to use and comfortable to live in.

The most sought-after configurations by 2022 are those that are capable of making the most of the space efficiently and balancing the moments of relaxation - which are the norm in home life and the need to be capable of having enough space to work.

Let's discover!

Yes, sharing is a good thing However, it should be done in distinct areas

One of the major trends for living spaces in 2022 is the so-called "fragmented" arrangement.

In essence, when there is a requirement to divide an entire room into smaller spaces, that area could be divided, even using temporary solutions to create distinct areas.

This can be fulfilled with the help of plasterboard walls or the installation of glass doors particularly evident when living space and kitchen are merged in an open area.

In this layout, typical of modern homes in one way there's a sort of 'dialogue' that connects the relaxing area that is comprised of armchairs and sofas, and the entertainment space that houses the TV and bookshelves. On the otherhand, we have the kitchenette and eating space.

The latter, contingent on the layout of your kitchen it is possible to be a practical and simple configuration, such as an eating counter and stool or an elegant one with a dining table that perfectly represents the concept of functional interchangeability.

The new home office is now open.

Many smart professionals and freelancers are convinced to create an area in their home that is exclusively devoted to work to ensure maximum concentration and efficiency. If space is available you can convert an area in your home into a work space, alternatively, a workstation could be built in the bedroom or living room.

We can't ignore the rising popularity of home offices in the top living room trends in 2022.

It doesn't matter if it's an ad-hoc space that is created through the conversion of an unutilized space or an isolated corner from the living space The most important thing is that modern home offices allow the least amount of privacy , and is well-equipped to be both comfortable and practical. The green light is a welcome addition to the built-ins such as folding tables, concealed furniture.

Relaxing and at ease

We've seen how the office-home combo has altered (and not just a bit) how the living area, as well as other areas of the house, are planned.

There is another factor that has an impact on the interior design of homes that is our mental state that is being challenged by the events that have destabilized us in recent years.

The public is more aware than ever of they need to be secure and at ease in their homes.

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