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If you're planning to update your home then why not begin with shutters for windows? They're an extremely flexible option that works well in bedrooms or living spaces, or kitchens. They can be made to measure yourself and installed for a cost-effective choice; they're available in every color you can think of and keep cold from the winter months they let you regulate the amount of light in a space and offer a variety of privacy from views of the outside. What's not to love? Here's how you can make the right choice when it comes to window shutters by The Oxford Shutter Company.


They're able to be anywhere however if you're in a pinch you should put them at the front of your house to create an appeal to the street, and provide potential buyers with a fantastic first impression when you decide to sell your house.

A home office is a perfect location to install shutters on windows. They not only keep your workspace at a pleasant temperature all through the year, but they will also minimize the reflection of your computer screen throughout the day. Select tilt rods that are easily accessible to allow you to adjust the angle without hassle.

Plantation shutters are the ideal option for bathrooms as they provide privacy, while still allowing sunlight. Contrary to window treatments made of fabric and blinds, they can be maintained regularly on site. Be sure that your shutters are resistant to moisture and they've been finished using the form of lacquer or paint for humid conditions. This will stop the finish from deteriorating as time passes.



DIY measure and fit shutters are readily available and provide huge savings over the expense of measuring and fitting shutters by an expert. Do you have shelves? You should be able to put shutters in. Consider California Shutters(opens in a new tab) and The Shutter Store(opens in a new tab) for low-cost, yet equally stylish designs.


If you're attempting to fit your shutters yourself make sure you purchase from a supplier who offers an online measuring guide for shutters and online fitting guides, as well as an excellent customer service response in the event of any problems.

Many of the companies that offer DIY-fit shutters are capable of providing you with the names of local fitting companies.


Shutters are typically offered in solid timber fast-growing woods, like basswood, composites, for instance MDF and plastics like polyvinyl.

The shutter material you pick will depend on the type of look you're hoping for, your budget (solid woods are on the top of the scale of price and composites are at the lower end) and the room you're furnishing. Certain materials are best suited for specific rooms over others. Polyvinyl, for instance, is waterand warp-resistant, which works well in bathrooms.

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